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"The only thing constant in life is change."  

- François de la Rochefoucauld

Caterpillars create a safe and contained place for themselves to transform into the full and beautiful expression of a butterfly.  We, too, are constantly changing and need the nurturing and comfort of a cocoon. Transformational Touch™ can provide this for you when you need it.

Transformational Touch™ focuses on the needs and uniqueness of each client.  Intuitive Healing, Energy Work, Life & Intimacy Coaching combine with your intention and create alignment within you that increases Mind-Body-Soul-Emotion synergy, self love and overall joy. 

Since 1996, Viraja has been assisting people in freeing themselves and transforming their lives. She has uncovered a natural ability to intuitively know how to assist others in experiencing true intimacy... where blocks need to be removed and how the individual can deepen their connections to themselves and others and open to experiencing intimacy in all ways.  She addresses the holistic needs of women, men and couples, parent-child, and groups.

Receive comforting Support that will assist you in freeing your heart, accessing your deepest truth and unleashing your innocent and playful childlike nature!  

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"My journey with Viraja began when I had exhausted all mainstream treatments, and many alternative treatments, aimed at my recovery from a debilitating arm injury. Viraja’s balanced whole-body approach, safe and nurturing environment, and unique blend of massage and energy work have helped me to recapture what I felt was lost.

I am once again able to be happy, active, and pain-free in my daily life and I owe a heartfelt thanks to Viraja for her healing hands and guidance. I highly recommend her work!"

-B.R., Commercial Real Estate Broker

"Viraja is truly a gifted healer.   She intuitively knew what to ask, how to guide and where my true self was hidden.  My sense of wholeness, completeness and balance has been restored to a level that I have never known.  I have never felt so good; physically, mentally or spiritually as when I complete a session with Viraja.  She is truly tapped into something special in our universe.  I feel a connection to the universe in a way I never have before.  I now feel that I am an important part of the fabric of all living, rather than an unimportant off-cast that is unknown and alone.  Her talents and true love of humanity are revealed in her eyes, touch and words of wisdom.  Those who meet with her can consider themselves richly blessed.  She is a beautiful, special person who possesses incredible talents and abilities. "   -  Mr. L from Virgina 

One little boy up at night
Once in joy, then in pain.
How could he now regain
What had been taken without refrain?
One special healer rushed to assist
With the eyes of a goddess, and a special gift.
Her talents she used - now the healing complete
Now the boy will forever play at her feet.
 written by client

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free young boy, viraja's son




May my services serve as a resource for people still acclimating to the full experience of living in a magnificent body by Supporting the integration of the Physical with the Non-Physical, Mental with the Emotional, What we want with want we have, so that one can manifest their full empowerment and potential. While we are obviously in a body, most of us are still learning how to fully utilize our physical body as the tool and gift that it really is. Body, Mind, Energy, Spirit-Soul and Emotional Awareness are all essential in order to consistently maintain a state of balance and connection to one's core. 



Contact me today to learn how you can transform your relationship with yourself and your life today.

"Love is the key to (solving) the problems of the world..."   - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Fill your Heart with Love and express it in all you do."  - Ammachi (

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